Fran Martínez

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Let me introduce myself

Hi, my name is Fran Martinez. Nice to meet you! I am a 38 years old developer born and locate in Barcelona. I like all about development culture, from the product definition to development, but I what I most like is to know people who open my mind to other points of view. At the end, is how I feel programming, the end product of a shared mental artistic process. That's why I like responsible and enthusiastic people, who shares knowledge and who spend his time helping others to improve. This is at least what I like to do.

What can I do

Technical skills

Ruby (on Rails). 5 years experience with Ruby. From the full stack creation of an app to a PORO ruby coder. The Ruby community made me be reborn as a developer. SOLID principles, DRY, metaprogramming, git, TDD and Agile, are some of the words that came into me with the Ruby world.

Docker. I started one year ago with Docker and docker compose. Since then, I always develop with Docker images and containers. Give me a computer and I will only install Docker to start programming anything. That's the best magic ever!

Mysql, postgreSQL, Oracle, PLSQL. 14 years experience with relational databases. I can do any kind of query! Further, I worked during 3 years with Pro*C, the C precompiler for Oracle, a really good way to work in a C real-time application that consumes the data from an Oracle Datawarehouse.

Event Sourcing. I had the oportunity to use an event sourcing solution during some months. It's a very powerful solution to keep the synchronization between microservices, sending events instead of objects.

Javascript/CoffeeScript. I like to face frontend challenges! I have always been more focused in the backend side, BUT that does not mean I like to be just a backend developer. Let's say I am an advanced beginner fullstack!

PHP, Wordpress and related. It's not my passion, but I have had really good times with Wordpress websites, using plugins, improving manually its SEO, and having fun with the PHP code.

C/C++. 3 years experience working as a backend developer with C and C++ in a client-server application for the main energy company in Spain.

Management skills

Development Team Lead. I have managed a couple of development teams, I know where to find developers and how to integrate them in a team. I like to keep people motivated and happy.

Scrum/Agile workflow. Deeply experience in agile enviroment, working in remote or in the office. I have had the role of scrum master many times.

My resume

You can find me on LinkedIn

More about me

I am a very friendly person who likes to learn every day as a way of life. That's why I like semi-remote jobs, in order to have this balance between professional and personal skills. I have done some presentations in LaSalle, Ironhack and internally when I was in Sage. I am a peaceful guy who likes to meet friends, practice yoga, play the guitar, install and use renewable energies, and read about programming, philosophy, science and classical novels. Of course I like to enjoy all of these with my children and wife!